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Kindergarten Open House

Important Dates

Important Dates:


02   Raise the Flag for Autism Day

04   Mad Science

11   Mad Science

16   Gr 7 Vaccine Program

18   Earth & Nature Celebration Spirit Day – Colour House Sculpture Art Day

18   Mad Science

19   Good Friday

22   Easter Monday

23   School Council Meeting

25   Mad Science

26   Forest of Reading

26   Trivia Night


03   SK – Flouride Varnish - Vision Testing

03   Pri to to PALS

03   Int Badminton

07   Water Festival

10   Rooftop Photo – 12:00pm

13 Electrical Safety Presentations

15   Support Staff Appreciation Day

15   Regional Track & Field

16   Crazy Hair Day – Colour House Crayola Art Day

17   PD Day

20   Victoria Day

25   Rankin Run

Welcome to Martha Cullimore Public School

Track & Field Practice has been cancelled for this Tuesday, April 23, 2019.

Thanks for Supporting our Dance-a-thon Fundraiser!

Due to the outpouring of generosity from our school community, our Dance-a-thon and Bake Sale on March 7th was a huge success! Again this year, we were so amazed by the number of parents who lovingly baked for the sale. The students were very enthusiastic participants on the dance floor and in gathering pledges beforehand. There were happy feet and smiles all around! We are grateful for every pledge of support. We raised $2,950.00 toward technology for learning! This is almost $500.00 more than last year! Special thanks to Shannon Baka and Meg Aird for their help with the bake sale during the day.

Grade 8 Graduation

This is an exciting year at Martha Cullimore! We look forward to honouring our first class of grade eight graduates this June. It has been an absolute pleasure working with this group of young people and we anticipate an amazing Spring term with them before commencement. This year’s Grade Eight Graduation will take place on Monday June 24th at 6:00pm in the Mountain Park Church auditorium.  Doors open at 5:30pm. We will commence with a ceremony at 6:00pm, followed by photos and refreshments.  Parents are welcome to join us for the ceremony! Please mark your calendars.

Earth & Nature Celebration Spirit Day – April 18th

This month we’ll be focused on the Earth, appreciating nature and caring for our environment. On Thursday, April 18th, wear animal headbands or hats or a shirt with a message about nature.

Colour houses will get together for Recycle Sculpture-Making! We’ll have fun collecting recycled materials and then create amazing sculptures about nature out of beautiful “junk”. Please consider sending in a few clean recycled items that are appropriate for crafting. For example, empty bottles, paper rolls, small boxes, plastic containers, lids, newspapers, other interesting recycled items. Students should drop recycle donations into the colour house collection boxes starting on April 16th until April 18th. Recycled sculptures will be on display in our front hallway for all to enjoy!