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Kindergarten Open House

Important Dates


17   PA Day

22   K & 1 to Mermaid 

      Theatre Co.

22   Pink Shirt Day

27   My Life Online

       Workshop (gr 4 to 6)

27   Poinsettia sale ends

28    School Council Mtg


Welcome to Martha Cullimore Public School!

Friday, November 17th PD Day

Poinsettia Fundraiser available online.
Ends November 27th.

At the DSBN, we strive to show all students how they matter: as individuals, as learners and as community members. Our students learn about the ideals of good citizenship and how they can become active participants in building a stronger community, locally and globally. We invite you to discover more about I Matter by visiting dsbn.org/imatter



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NSTS at 905-346-0290.