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Code of Conduct

The Martha Cullimore Public School Code of Conduct is reviewed and communicated in a written format to parents/guardians and students annually, as per the District School Board of Niagara directive.


At Martha Cullimore Public School, we are committed to promoting a school environment conducive to effective learning/teaching and mutual respect, wherein individual/group needs, rights and responsibilities are recognized. At Martha Cullimore Public School, our goals are:

• to maintain the best possible CARE, WELFARE, SAFETY and SECURITY for all students, staff and visitors within our school environment.

• to develop citizens who think critically, make appropriate decisions/choices, behave responsibly and strive towards academic excellence.

• to promote an understanding of student, parent/guardian, teacher/support staff rights and responsibilities.

Students have the right to:

1. be treated with fairness, respect and dignity.
2. equal educational opportunities (academic, social/behavioural/emotional and physical).
3. learn in a safe and secure school environment.
4. learn in an atmosphere free of intimidation, verbal, physical, sexual, ethnic, religious or racial harassment.

Students have the responsibility to:

1. attend class regularly, be punctual, prepared and ready to learn.

2. behave in a responsible and courteous manner that is respectful to themselves, all staff, parents/guardians, volunteers, guests, crossing guards, school supervisors and fellow students at Martha Cullimore Public School or at any school authorized events/activities.

3. be respectful of school, personal and community property.

4. work to the best of their ability in all areas of school life.

5. ensure that all school correspondence to his/her parent and/or guardian reaches home and correspondence is returned to school, if necessary.

6. follow appropriate hygiene and personal habits.

7. represent Martha Cullimore Public School appropriately at all times (whether they are on school property, on their way home or going to school, school bus or at school authorized events/activities).

8. be environmentally conscientious (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) in our school community.

9. refrain from bringing anything to school that may endanger the safety of themselves and/or others.

10. support this Martha Cullimore School Code of Conduct and take responsibility for their own actions.

11. follow the No Excuses expectation: There is no excuse to hurt anyone!

12. use non-violent means to resolve conflict. Physically aggressive behaviour is not a responsible way to interact with others.

13. report unsafe situations, events or bullying that may interfere with his/her safety while at school or on the way to and from school .

Parents/guardians have the right to:

1. expect that their child(ren) will be safe and secure at school or other related school activities.

2. be welcomed and encouraged to become involved in a wide variety of school activities and the School Council .

3. communication regarding their child(ren) academic, social/behavioural/emotional and physical performance.

4. be informed of programs, events, activities and issues at school.

5. be welcomed at the school and encouraged to openly discuss the policy and procedures of our school.

Parents/guardians have the responsibility to:

1. discuss with their child(ren) and support the Martha Cullimore Public School Code of Conduct.

2. send their children to school with the proper nutrition, personal hygiene, clothing and equipment so that students can participate actively in all school programs.

3. ensure that their child(ren) attend school regularly and punctually and notify the school if their child(ren) are going to be late or absent (Regulation 298, Section 23 (2), Education Act, 1993) before 8:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m.

4. ensure that school newsletters and information sheets are read and shared with their child(ren) and return permission forms, if requested.

5. cooperate and support the efforts of school staff in maintaining a safe and respectful learning environment for all students.

6. report unsafe situations, bullying or events that may interfere with a childs safety at school or on the way to and from school .

7. report any potential unsafe playground equipment (i.e bolts missing, cracks etc).

Teachers and Support Staff have the right to:

1. expect and receive support, respect and cooperation from the school community.

2. open communication/ dialogue with students, parents and/or guardians.

3. expect that students attend class regularly, punctually and be prepared (example: complete homework assignments, wear proper physical education attire as required by the teacher, and bring the necessary materials/tools).

Teachers and Support Staff have the responsibility to:

1. develop, teach, assess and evaluate programs designed to meet students needs reflecting The Ontario Curriculum.

2. provide a pleasant, inviting, friendly, safe and positive environment conducive to learning and communicate the belief that each student is a valued and respected member of our school community.

3. communicate to parents/guardians regularly and meaningfully on issues related to their childs academic, social and behavioural progress.

4. follow appropriate health and safety measures.

5. provide a trustworthy environment for students and parents/guardians to express their concerns.

6. maintain consistent and fair standards of behavior of all students.

7. encourage and motivate all children to actively participate in all aspects of school life.

8. support each child in their efforts to use strategies that will help them solve conflicts and be responsible decision makers.

9. report any potential unsafe playground equipment (i.e bolts missing, cracks etc.).

It is the directive of the Ministry of Education and the District School Board of Niagara, that schools provide a safe and secure environment for students, staff and the school community.

Each classroom teacher, together with the students, will develop a list of classroom expectations rules, routine and procedures. All minor offences, involving the neglect of attention to classroom expectations or rules, will be handled by the classroom teacher or designate, using either the Classroom Action Plan /Physical Education Action Plan or other strategies.

The following accompanying possible consequences are intended to protect the rights of all students, staff and community members and to enhance the educational, social and moral tone while at Martha Cullimore Public School. Failure to comply with the Martha Cullimore Public School Code of Conduct will result in one or more of the following possible consequences. The consequences will apply, dependent upon the severity and chronic nature of the situation and not necessarily in the order printed.

Possible consequences:

- verbal warning to the student
- informal/ formal discussion with the Teacher, Principal/Vice Principal
- parent notification and conference
- request to change inappropriate clothing/attire
- removal of privileges ( class trip, access to school lunch facilities, busing, etc.)
- restitution ( replace lost/damaged school textbooks, sports uniforms, equipment, library resources)
- temporary time out from the classroom
- suspension from extra-curricular activities (example: sports team etc.)
- behavior contract
- referral to school Youth Counselor
- suspension (in school or out of school)

According to the Education Act of Ontario , Regulation 262...A Principal may suspend a pupil because of...

- persistent school truancy
- persistent opposition to authority
- habitual neglect of duty
- wilful destruction of school property
- the use of profane or improper language
- conduct injurious to the moral tone of the school or
- conduct injurious to the physical or mental well-being of others in the school.

Care of School Property:

1. Students are expected to take care of school property such as textbooks, library resources, playground/computer equipment, furniture, and sports equipment/uniforms.
2. Students are expected to be respectful of the property of others.

Prohibited Items:

1. Certain products will not be allowed on school property due to the toxic and or potentially destructive/disruptive nature (example: toxic correction fluid, chewing gum).
2. Activated cell phones/pagers.
3. Snow sleds, lacrosse sticks and balls, golf balls, regular size hockey sticks.
4. MP3/CD players/digital cameras are allowed in the classrooms with permission from that classroom teacher ONLY but the school will not be held responsible for damage or loss of such items
5. The Principal has the right to prohibit any other items that are potentially destructive/disruptive to the school environment.


1. Items which are prohibited because of their real and/or potential danger to self of others include, but are not limited to: flammable materials (matches, firecrackers, lighters); pocket/xacto knives; hard balls; guns (cap, airgun (real or replicas), BB guns), laser instruments.

Playground Behavior:

1 Follow the There are no excuses for hurting anyone expectation NBC: No Body Contact

2. Use the De Bug Steps when someone is bugging you.

2. Play safely in the designated playground area and on equipment.

3. Use assigned entry and exit doors.

4. Climbing fences, trees or any part of the building is not permitted.

5. Students are to ask permission from the teacher /supervisor on outside supervision to enter the building during all Fitness Breaks and before the morning entry bell.

6. No food or drink is permitted outside during Fitness Breaks.

7. When necessary to retrieve a piece of equipment from outside the schoolyard, a student must have permission from an adult to leave the school grounds.

Appropriate Dress/Attire:

1. Ball caps are to be removed before entering the classroom and left in their lockers

2. Appropriate footwear (hard sole shoes) must be worn at all times in the school building due to hygiene/safety reasons (in case of fire evacuations).

3. Appropriate gym attire and athletic footwear is required and worn during physical education as per teacher directive.

4. Students are not permitted to wear inappropriate clothing/attire which includes:
personal possessions bearing written statements or pictures that are offensive, degrading, racist, suggestive or refer to drug, alcohol and tobacco advertising.
shirts/skirts/pants that may expose the midriff (belly button),
halter tops, shirts with spaghetti straps (shoulder straps must be at least three finger widths).

Student dress at any outside-of-school sanctioned functions/activities will follow the same Martha Cullimore Public School dress code.

Fighting, Aggressive Behavior, Profane/Improper Language:

1. Students must support the There are no excuses for hurting anyone!expectation and use the De Bug Steps.

2. Bullying, physical/ sexual/verbal harassment/threatening is forbidden on school property.

3. Inappropriate remarks, swearing gestures, jokes, insults, innuendoes about gender, disabilities, religion, racial or ethnic background, colour of skin, place of birth, citizenship or ancestry are not permitted.

Throwing Snowballs

1. Martha Cullimore Public School abides by the Throw No Snow expectation since the potential danger for serious injury is too great to allow snowballing of any kind on school property or on the way to and from school.
2. Snowballing is very broadly defined, including the following: (throwing snowballs, chunks of ice, washing faces or burying students with snow, kicking snow... at others, etc.).
3. Sliding on ice patches is not permitted.

Conduct during Bus/Taxi Transportation:

1. Be respectful to the bus driver (and abide by his/her rules) and his/her authority.
2. Keep windows closed unless the driver gives permission to open them.
3. Do not throw objects either in the bus or out the window.
4. Talk quietly (noise can be a hazardous distraction to the driver).
5. Keep aisles clear and deposit garbage in the designated container.
6. Harassment/intimidation/bullying will not be tolerated.
7. Electronic devices should not be used on the bus.

Nutrition/Fitness Break Procedures:

1. All students, with the exception of those who regularly go home for lunch during the second Nutrition/Fitness Break ( 1:00 pm - 1:50 p.m.), will remain on school property from the time of arrival in the morning until dismissal at 3:30 p.m.

2. Students are expected to abide by rules set forth in the Lunch Room Contract they had signed at the beginning of the school year. Students will share the responsibility for keeping lunch facilities clean, use appropriate manners, keep their voices at a conversation level and recycle appropriate materials.

3. All students are expected to remain in their seats when they are eating. Roaming along the halls and eating their food will result in loss of privileges to stay for Nutrition/ Fitness Break .

4. All students are expected to obey the Yard Supervisors on school property.

5. Students are not permitted inside the school prior to school, during Fitness Breaks, without the permission and/or supervision of a teacher.